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  • Escape from Scientology

    Escape from Scientology

    TW: Scientology, religious trauma. ‘At 52, I abandoned everything, every friend, every family member’: the top official who escaped Scientology (The Guardian) When he was certain that he wasn’t being followed, he caught the tube to the National Portrait Gallery, where he sat on the grass outside and let his heart rate slow to its […]


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  • Repost: My spiritual journey

    Repost: My spiritual journey

    I came to terms with being gay in 1996. At the time I was an evangelical Christian and tried to keep my faith for two and a half years. It didn’t work. I realized that even if I accepted I was gay, my upbringing had taught me to hate myself and see myself as worthless […]

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  • A change of perspective

    A change of perspective

    There was a guy in one of my classes — let’s call him Jonathan — who was openly gay. I had never knowingly interacted with, or even seen, anyone gay before. … He just stood and sang, a capella. It was honestly beautiful in its own right — Jonathan has a great voice. But, as […]

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  • What is religion for?

    What is religion for?
  • Review: Cultish

    Review: Cultish

    This book is an excellent overview of the languages of cults, and what attracts people to them.

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  • Change is good

    Change is good
  • Reblog: Marking the seasons

    Reblog: Marking the seasons

    A really nice post about discovering that you can enjoy the cycles of the seasons without needing to believe in the gods: you can be an AtheoPagan. I realized I could do anything that I wanted to do. For someone raised in an oppressive religion, this thought is life changing. And what did I want […]

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  • Orange Shirt Day

    Orange Shirt Day

    Today is Orange Shirt Day, the day for remembering Indigenous children who died in residential schools and honouring the survivors. It was organized by grassroots Indigenous activists for many years before it was officially adopted as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Continue reading at Dowsing for Divinity →

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  • Religious trauma

    Religious trauma
  • Knocking on doors

    Knocking on doors

    Fascinating article in The Guardian about two guys who started out atheist comedians and ended up becoming Christians with a priestly vocation. I’m including it here because it shows how changing paths is a very gradual process, not usually a sudden change, and that sometimes these changes are quite insidious and hard to resist. I […]

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